Learn how to Design The Miracles

Miracles are typical around us. The people in your life, the doors which have opened, what have happened on the way are not an accident.

However you miss all of this IF you are not paying attention.

What have you been centered on? As you scurry about your entire day, have you been at peace and enjoying everything you have? Or have you been stressed out, frustrated, without any joy, just going through the motions of life?

Sometimes we lie during sex in the morning thinking, I do not want to go to work today. Or I’m sick and tired of doing the laundry and cleaning your house and making dinner.

Unfortunately, you simply paved the best way to have a lousy day.

Instead, say, I’m alive, I’m healthy, I have a great spouse, I have great children, I have so many good things.

Then, and only then, escape bed.

Make a decision that you will live each and every day with enthusiasm. Get fully up every morning and think of everything you can be grateful for. Keep growing, deep reaching for new heights. Your best days are still out in front of you.

Stretch to another level, improve your daily life, and take your highest potential. You will not only give birth to your dreams, however you will turn into a better you, much better than you ever dreamed possible!

Do not merely believe you are able to achieve your dream. Take one step further and start expecting your dream. Arrange for it. Consider it this way. a course in miracles podcast In the event that you invite someone over for dinner, you may not just wait until they ring your doorbell. No, you prepare beforehand so you are ready when they arrive and you are able to enjoy each other’s company. Same manner you’ve to organize for your miracle.

And when you’re prepared, do not be impatient and wonder why you’ve not gotten your miracle yet. Do not think, I’m prepared but my miracle hasn’t come if you ask me yet. In this way, you live with unrest and uneasiness on the inside. Instead, keep yourself saturated in peace and confidence your miracle will appear.

Let your anxiousness go and trust your miracle will come. Turn it throughout to the Divine. Say, I understand that you are in control of my life. I may not understand everything that is happening, but I think you’ve my best interests at heart. I’m not planning to go around resisting and struggling. I’m planning to relax and enjoy my life. If you’re able to stay within an attitude of faith, the Divine can cause every situation to benefit your good.

My mother was an accomplished pianist. My aunt was an international artist. I became a workaholic. I thought that the the creative gene passed me by. That’s what I told my friends because that is what I believed.

I interned at an advertising agency where I could decide to be mentored by the creative team or the executive team. I chose the executive team because I believed I was not creative. I believed I would have to find my financial success in the executive world. 20 years later, I’d turn into a frustrated, stressed out, corporate workaholic. Then I hired a Miracles Life Coach.

Long story short – I now make my living by being creative. I’m an award winning photographer and a published author. I create my very own products. I help others, YOU, create YOUR perfect life.

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