Roll on Bed Liner – Cheap Alternative to a Spray on Bed Liner

Is a move on bed liner really an effective way to guard your truck bed or even a waste of time? A do-it-yourself bedliner is really much cheaper than the usual professional spray on liner, it’s natural to wonder whether it’s worth the problem to put in one yourself.

Well, based on managing a do-it-yourself bed liner for approximately couple of years, I will let you know that this type of truck bed coating makes common sense in some trucks. Let’s face it, for an expensive new truck, there’s no way I would install a brush on bed liner. For a very important factor, I couldn’t stand to sand away on new paint on a late model truck. Of course, that’s element of that which you want to do to prepare to paint… rough sanding.

On another hand, for an older truck, especially a hard work truck, it is a really strong option. Look, a specialist bed coating costs a lot more than many trucks are even worth. Who are able to justify putting very much into a bed liner? Not me. You can’t just mask a damaged bed with a plastic liner either. That damaged bed needs some maintenance work anyway to stop future rust and corrosion. That maintenance work is merely about as hard as putting on a coat of truck bed paint.

There are numerous tricks to a successful roll on bed liner. That’s what we reveal at our web pages. For example. Have you any idea why you ought to clean when you sand? There is a good reason. How about… are you aware why you have to make use of a certain kind of cleaner?

Paint on Bedliner – 5 Steps to Avoid a Mess

A paint on bed liner is a good way to improve the appearance of one’s truck. We installed a do-it-yourself bed liner on our truck and learned in the process. spray in bedliner There’s more involved than just slapping on some paint. Let’s start at the first.

The Right Tools

You are able to roll on a liner or you can spray on a coating. We used a roller and you can’t tell it wasn’t sprayed on. Acquire some paint cleaner for preparation. You will need sand paper. You will need masking tape. You will need rollers and some disposable brushes. Then you’re ready for the paint itself.

Choosing The Paint

Truck bed paint is a polyurethane material that contains texture. Now the texture material is items of rubbery material. Three of the most effective brands of paint are Herculiner, PlastiKote and Duplicolor. We used Plasti-Kote. It sticks well and looks great. It’s for sale in gallon cans and also spray cans. My neighbor used Herculiner. Note that Herculiner is available in several colors too, not merely black.

Preparation Is Boring But Key To Success

After you have the tools and material, the fun part starts. Almost any painting requires careful preparation. Truck bed paint isn’t any exception. Now this isn’t hard, it really takes some time. Here’s that which you do.

Clean the bed with a paint cleaner solvent to start. Have the cleaner at the auto parts store. Then your paint should be scratched heavily therefore the coating will stick. Use coarse abrasive sandpaper to really rough up the existing finish. Then you’ll wash all that residue out and allow the bed dry.

Now just mask to guard areas that you do not want coated and you’re ready to go.

Putting It On

Now for the easy, fun part. Following the preparation, the particular coating couldn’t be easier. Make sure the paint is well mixed and then just roll, brush or spray it on. It’s fast and easy. Start at the front and work back. Remember, the thicker the better. Putting it on truly is easy.

Finishing Touches

These coatings must cure for several days. You need to use the bed in a couple of hours, but it isn’t fully hardened for several days.

A paint on bed liner is a fast way to boost the appearance of a truck. It’s especially right for an older truck with some bed damage. The actual key to a liner that lasts is careful bed surface preparation. The particular paint application is quickly and easy. Just don’t miss out the prep work.

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